WordPress comments plugins powered by Ajax

In this post, I’m sharing organized collection of Ajax Powered WordPress Comments plugins which helps you to create a user-friendly comment posting for your readers.

Probably one of the best ways you could spice up your WordPress Blog with AJAX. Readers love it! Must see for yourself.

1. Ajax Comment Posting – This plugins uses jQuery to validate comment from and post your comment without refreshing the page.

2. Ajax Comment Preview – Using this plugin, with the click of a button, your site’s visitors can preview their comments exactly as they will appear when they submit them for realies.

3. WP Ajax Edit Comments – The most powerful comment editing solution for WordPress. Users can edit their own comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments.

4. AJAX Comments – This plugin makes sure to avoid comment duplication, and has flood protection capabilities as well. This plugin works well in all major Web browsers, and uses discrete AJAX. That means if JavaScript disabled, it’s using the original comment posting method.

5. Ajax Comment Posting – This plugin comes with basic verification and asynchronous posting with snazzy effects. Developed specifically to work with the mootools framework and tested in Safari, Opera, Firefox and IE7.

6. Ajax Comments-Reply – This plugin very easy to use. With this plugin – send comments in Ajax, reply others comments, AJAX preview comments, Gravatar is integrally supported.

7. Ajax Force Comment Preview – The plugin works like TextPattern’s built-in “force comment preview” feature by forcing your commenters to preview their comments prior to submission. In addition this plugin is AJAX enabled so the user does not have to reload the page to preview his/her comment. Spambots will not be able post comments unless it actually tries to “preview” the comment.

8. Yet another ajax paged comments (YAAPC) – This plugin provide Ajax enabled comments system with paging,posting and form validation to your WordPress blog.

9. Live Comment Preview – Live Comment Preview is the simplest way to get live comment previews on your site. Simply activate the plugin — That’s it! This plugin uses only client-side Javascript to format a preview, it does not make any Ajax requests to the server. This provides a smooth live preview as you type.

10. Simple Ajax Shoutbox – This plugin will add a shoutbox on your sidebar. Using AJAX technology so visitor doesnt have to refresh page to view their messages. It automatically reload every few seconds so you can see other visitor messages live. It has simple design, so it will blend to your current theme whatever it is. No extra graphics, color, text. Just a simple box. Support smilies, smilies tags are instantly converted to graphics smilies.

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