sshd: refused connect from ::ffff

Hello friends, I faced this problem before 2 days. I did some research and found on google that, to solve this problem you have to see hosts.deny and hosts.allow files under /etc/ directory. So you have to add your ISP or Local ip address in hosts.allow files as
sshd sshd1 sshd2 : ipaddress : ALLOW #replace ipaddress with your local/isp ip.
and in hosts.deny
ALL:ALL so that other hosts are not allowed.

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Ivan Tamayo December 19, 2008 at 6:16 am


thanks so much for posting this, I’ve had the same problem twice, and this time it could has been a disaster. So you saved me from a complete rebuild.
The problem for me was that my IP appeared listed in the hosts.deny file… (maybe it’s a security directive from DenyHosts).

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