How to create rss or atom feed using java

There are open source projects that can help you in generating or reading RSS feeds in Java.

Till now, Rome is my favorite. Very nice, small little framework to generate RSS feeds of different types.
However, if you want to parse an RSS feed which is not in standard format, you have to go with a different solution.
Rome doesn’t seem to support custom fields.

1. ROME – ROME is an set of open source Java tools for parsing, generating and publishing RSS and Atom feeds. The core ROME library depends only on the JDOM XML parser and supports parsing, generating and converting all of the popular RSS and Atom formats including RSS 0.90, RSS 0.91 Netscape, RSS 0.91 Userland, RSS 0.92, RSS 0.93, RSS 0.94, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom 0.3, and Atom 1.0.
You can parse to an RSS object model, an Atom object model or an abstract SyndFeed model that can model either family of formats.

2. The Streaming API for XML (StAX) – StAX is a standard XML processing API that allows you to stream XML data from and to your application. This StAX implementation is the standard pull parser implementation for JSR-173 specification.

Features of StAX API:

  • The standard pull parser interface (included in JDK 1.6, downloadable separately for 1.4, 1.5)
  • Reader and Writer APIs: both with two levels, “raw” cursor access and object-based “event” access
  • Efficient XML access (especially using cursor API)
  • Gives application control over parsing: “reverse Hollywood”: you can call us, instead of waiting us to call you

3. dom4j – dom4j is an easy to use, open source library for working with XML, XPath and XSLT on the Java platform using the Java Collections Framework and with full support for DOM, SAX and JAXP.


  • designed for the Java platform with full support for the Java Collections Framework (Java 2 Collections)
  • full support for JAXP, TrAX, SAX, DOM, and XSLT
  • fully integrated XPath support for easy navigation of XML documents
  • event based proccessing mode to support for massive documents or XML streams
  • based on Java interfaces for flexible plug and play implementations.
  • support for XML Schema Data Type support using Kohsuke Kawaguchi’s excellent
    Multi Schema Validator library

4. Informa – The goal of the Informa Project is to provide a news aggregation library based on the Java Platform. Besides exporting news channels in a specified XML format there is a persistence backend available using the Hibernate O/R mapping framework.

5. RIFE – Full-stack open-source component framework to quickly and consistently develop and maintain Java web applications.

RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 are natively supported and can be generated in real-time. The data can be provided in a streaming fashion, which makes the memory footprint very low.
Elements are available to make the content syndication easy to integrate into a site. read more …

6. jRSS – jRSS is a simple java API to produce Really Simple Syndication (RSS) documents following the specification version 2.0.

Download. jRSS

7. Atom Sandler – Atom Sandler is a Java API for creating and consuming Atom feeds. Atom is an XML-based file format
intended to allow lists of information, known as “feeds”, to be synchronised between publishers
and consumers.

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How to create rss or atom feed using java October 12, 2009 at 11:52 am

[…] How to create rss or atom feed using java […]

anon October 12, 2009 at 11:52 am

you might also want to check out vtd-xml, which is the latest and most advanced XML processing API available today

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RSS Feeds are really very helpful and you could get site and news updates from it.’-:

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