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How to increase Inbox folder size in Outlook express

Hi, I’m using Outlook Express 6 as a Email Client on Windows XP. Suddenly, whenever I attempted to start Outlook Express and open INBOX folder, the following error message was displayed: Folder could not be displayed. Outlook express could not open this folder. Possible causes are: Low disk space. Low memory. So, I googled about […]

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The worlds fastest way to access Outlook

What will seem familiar is the need to access information very quickly – often with just a few minutes to spare. The problem we face is that the notebook PCs on which that information is stored may take that much time or more just to boot up and launch the applications you need to get […]

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Outlook 2002 – The messaging interface has returned an unknown error

Basically this message comes when the outlook storage capacity is full Outlook, It can’t hold one more message. You can’t delete because the message is only going to another folder inside the file cabinet. Can’t send – no space to hold the message. Super easy fix is – In any folder, deleted, sent, inbox click […]

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