FormMail – free form processing PHP script

FormMail is a Tectite’s powerful free PHP script, which provides the logic required to accept form submissions on your website and email the results to you.

This script comes with built-in anti-spam features with no serious security vulnerabilities.

This script allows your HTML forms to:

  • send you their results by email (supports any number of email recipients)
  • store their results in a CSV (comma separated values) database on your server
  • use obfuscated email addresses to prevent SpamBots from harvesting your email addresses
  • FormMail blocks spam through automatic attack detection tests as well as optional image verification
  • encrypt form results before they are emailed to you
  • use GET or POST methods for form submission
  • send HTML emails formatted with your form results
  • upload files
  • perform advanced field validations
  • perform advanced error handling
  • send an autoresponse to the person submitting your form
  • supports internationalization
  • GeoIP support
  • and more…

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