Digsby = IM + Email + Social Networks

Digsby is an easy to use application, form which you can manage all your existing IM, email, and social network accounts. Digsby supports Instant Messaging, Email Notifications, Social Networking and many more features. All the features you can view here.


Instant Messaging – digsby is a multiprotocol IM client that lets you chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber with one simple to manage buddy list.

Email Notifications – digsby is an email notification tool that alerts you of new email and lets you perform actions such as ‘Delete’ or ‘Report Spam’ with just one click.

Social Networking – digsby is a social networking tool that alerts you of events like new messages and gives you a live Newsfeed of what your friends are up to.

Download available for mac, windows, linux.

Download: http://www.digsby.com/download.php

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