JSValidate – javascript form validator

JSValidate is a form validator that utilizes aspects of prototype and scriptaculous to bring you a simple to execute, non-intrusive javascript form validator. With minimal setup, your forms can be processing clean data in no time at all.


Just you have to attach a class to any of your form elements, which you want to validate. Here’s a list of the default classes you can use.

jsrequired – Field must have some sort of value.
jsvalidate_number – Any integer; accepts decimal and negative
jsvalidate_digits – Only Numbers
jsvalidate_alpha – Only letters
jsvalidate_alphanum – Only letters, numbers, and underscores.
jsvalidate_email – Any valid email address.
jsvalidate_uscanzip – US or Canada Zip code; Accepts optional US zip + 4
jsvalidate_usstate – Any 2 letter uppercase state of the United States.
jsvalidate_usphone – US Phone Number, accepts most common formats.
jsvalidate_creditcard – Validates VISA, MasterCard, American Express;
jsvalidate_ssn – Social Security Number in the format: XXXXXXXXX, XXX XX XXXX, or XXX-XX-XXXXX
select-notfirst – This class can be applied to select boxes (drop-downs). It prohibits the user from selecting the first option from the list.

You can define in which tag or class the errors should be displayed.

Supports cross browser compatibility.

For working demo click here

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JavaScript Countdown Timer November 23, 2009 at 9:40 am

very cool & good JS tool, thank you very much for sharing.

can you tell me its author?

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