Squash – an exception reporting and bug analysis tool

Squash is an open-source project from Square which consist of collection of tools that help engineers find and kill bugs in their code by automatically collecting, collating and analyzing run time exceptions.

Squash-open-source bug-smashing tool

Squash consists of the following components:

  • Client libraries: Client libraries for different systems (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Cocoa with Objective-C, etc.) catch and record errors when they occur, then send them to the API endpoint. Client libraries can be found under the SquareSquash organization.
  • Front-end: This website displays Bug information and helps the engineer find the root cause for a Bug, and fix it. It also lets engineers manage, assign, and comment on Bugs, as well as view statistics about the Bug.
  • API endpoints: These routes (part of the front-end app) receive exception notifications from the client libraries and process them.

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