qdPM – free project management tool for small team

qdPM – is an open source project management software written in symfony framework.

What are the advantages qdPM? The first and most important – it is a convenient configuration. Elements such as the status of projects, the status of jobs, types of projects, and much more you can add, delete, sort, which will customize the tool as you need also it has support for adding extra fields for projects, tasks & users.

Users can create their individual reports and filter information as they need. Thus, access to information is fast and convenient for each user.

It supports multitasking, so you can select several tasks and update them together. In update dialog window you need just select value if you need to update it. You can update all task things also you can move task to other project. It will help save time with task managing.

Technologies used to built this tool are – Symfony Framework,YUI Library,Prototype JavaScript Framework.

The application supports multi language.


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