Opera Mini – the next generation mobile browser for any mobile phone

Opera Mini is my favorite mobile phone application. The browser is very light, so it would not take lots of your phone memory space to install and use it. It can be easily set and customized, so it would not show the pictures or image data, which not only will speed up the browsing speed but also saves the memory.

The speed is, of course, faster than the original phone browser, as web pages are compressed by up to 90% of their original size, saving your time and money, as it requests web pages through the Opera Software company’s servers, which process and compress them before relaying the pages back to the mobile phone.

It uses the Java ME platform and consequently requires that the mobile device be capable of running Java ME applications.

You can synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial between mobile phones or a computer. It has power scrolling shortcuts to find your way around on the Web pages quicker by using your phone’s number keys.

Opera Mini is completely free to download. To get the best Opera Mini for your phone, simply visit the address m.opera.com/ using your phones default Web browser.


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