PxLoader – A Simple JavasScript Preloader

PxLoader is a simple JavasScript library for creating preloaders and resource downloaders for HTML5 apps. It helps you to download images, sound files or anything else you need before you take a specific action on your site (like showing a user interface or starting a game). You can use it to create a preloader for HTML5 games and websites.

It also enables you to monitor download status by providing progress and completed events and it lets you prioritize the order in which items are downloaded. You can even tag groups of files and then prioritize downloads or register for events by tag.

PxLoader is primarily created for the HTML5 version of Cut the Rope game and out of the box works great with images and sound files, but it’s designed to be extensible and work with any file type or other network action.

Download: PxLoader 0.1

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