Opera 10.52 for Mac and Windows released

Opera has just released Opera 10.52 web browser for Mac and Windows. This new Opera browser is claimed to be 7x faster than its predecessor. Opera 10.52 features native Cocoa integration, multi-touch trackpad gestures support, and Growl notification support.

opera-browser 10.52

Its New Vega graphics library enables super fast and smooth graphics, from everything from tab switching to animation on Web pages.

Also a completely new JavaScript engine makes Opera 10.52 run Web applications faster and more smoothly. The new Carakan engine easily speeds up even the most demanding Web sites.

With support for HTML5, CSS2.1 and the latest CSS3, Opera 10.52 displays Web sites just as Web developers and designers intended them to look.

Opera has also added Growl notification support and so you’ll get certain notifications if your download is complete or pop-up is blocked, etc. Opera also brings Opera Turbo compression technology that provides significant improvements in browsing speeds over limited-bandwidth connections.

Visit http://www.opera.com/browser/download/ to download the Opera 10.52 browser.

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