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Apache 2.x + Tomcat 4.x + Load Balancing

This article contains step by step instructions for configuring an Apache 2.x web server which handles static content and delegates JSP (Java Server Pages) and Servlet requests to two Tomcat 4.x servers using AJP 13 connectors and a load balancing worker. Introduction Apache 2.0 is a standards compliant, fast and mature web server which excels […]

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How to export mysql table data into csv file using php

This PHP script will export all the mysql table data into a csv file. <? $dbconnection; $table="members"; $csv = NULL; /* link identifier from db connection */ $r = mysql_query("show columns from ".$table); while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($r)) { $csv .= $row['col_name'].','; } $csv = substr($csv, 0, -1)."n"; $r = mysql_query("select * from ".$table); while ($row […]

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