How to Increase Heap Size for Tomcat + Windows

October 7th, 2009No Comments

Tomcat can be installed in two different ways and below is the information about how to increase or set the heap size for tomcat server in both scenarios –

1. Folder installation

– Create one new environment variable JAVA_OPTS

– Set following value -Xms256m -Xmx512m

– instead of 256m and 512m , you can enter the figure as per your requirement

2. Windows installation ( service)

– Start>Apache Tomcat 6>Configure Tomcat

– You will get following dialog box, click on ‘Java’ tab

– Here you can set ‘initial’ and ‘maximum’ memory pool size

After doing any of the above steps as per your installation, you can restart the server n it will start with above heap size.

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