CURL with PHP and Apache on Windows

Setting up cURL on Windows test box with PHP and Apache. Here is list of notes:

1. Only install PHP with the zip'd binaries. Don't use the installer. I recommend deleting your current PHP installation and reinstalling with the binaries. Downloading the latest PHP has the added benefit of ensuring its compatible with the version of cURL you'll download later. (I installed to D:\apps\php and will use that path for the rest of this example)

2. Edit your php.ini file:

– set extensions_dir to d:\apps\php\extensions

– set register_globals to On

– set sessions.save_path to d:\apps\php\temp (you need to create that directory first)

3. Copy php4ts.dll (located in d:\apps\php\) to your Apache bin folder

4. Copy libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll (located in d:\apps\php\dlls\) to c:\windows\system32

5. Download cURL for Windows at: I chose the Win32 – Generic by J’Hartroth. I recommend getting the SSL version in case you ever need SSL. I unzipped cURL to d:\apps\curl and will use that path for the rest of this example

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Enabling CURL on Windows+PHP+Apache Machine!

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spyderwebtech May 20, 2008 at 3:39 am

Hey… thanks for this. I had some problems using Curl on my windows machine. Life saver!!

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