SonarJ-java software architecture management tool

SonarJ is a software architecture management tool for systems written in Java and is based on static analysis. The award winning tool is light weight, non-intrusive and lightning fast. No repository is needed. Everything happens in memory. Nevertheless SonarJ can be used to analyze very large systems with several million lines of code. It fits in ideally in agile as well as more traditional development processes.

Main use cases for SonarJ:

1. To fight structural erosion

2. SonarJ can visualize the dependency structure of any system in a powerful way. Structural problems can be identified and tracked down to the source level within minutes.

3. SonarJ helps you to quicly analyze a software system written in Java. You can find complex code, dependency cycles and other potential problems even without defining architecture rules.

SonarJ-java software architecture management tool

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